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Envelope Challenge

I’m happy to say, we’ve found a unique way to raise money in the absence of physical events. It’s called The Envelope Challenge, and during this online campaign, we’ll challenge our supporters to claim envelopes ranging from $1 to $300 – there is ONE envelope for each dollar amount.

If all 300 electronic envelopes are claimed, we’ll raise over $45,000!

Our Envelope Challenge will kick off on Tuesday, September 8th and will wrap up on Tuesday, September 22nd.  With only 2 weeks to claim all 300 envelopes, things will move quickly.

Here’s a link to the site: https://envelopechallenge.org/cuisine2020/

We also have physical envelopes corresponding to those being sold electronically.   As a way of expressing gratitude to those who claim electronic envelopes in this challenge and to thank the restaurants, micro-breweries, and wineries that have helped to support this event, inside each physical envelope is a gift card.  The value of the cards varies and were placed into the envelopes at random.  Gift cards are from the following:

Terra Blanca Winery, Col Solare Winery, Kiona Vineyards, Hedges Family Estate, Ice Harbor Brewery, Atomic Brew Pub, Kimo’s, RF McDougall’s, Monterosso, CG Public House, Hops & Drops, Frost Me Sweet Bistro, Baum’s House of Chocolate and Gourmet Popcorn, Roasters Coffee, Buffalo Wild Wings, Target, and Ranch & Home!

As envelopes are claimed online, we will be notified and will arrange to give out the corresponding physical envelopes.  So, if you claim envelopes $124 and $178, you will receive physical envelopes, each with a small Thank-You gift inside. 😉 We hope you will use the gift cards!  By supporting one another, we can get through this crisis.