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  1. Message from Cathryn Tames, Executive Director
  2. Neuro Developmental Center – What you can expect from us
  3. Skylar’s Story


Parent Survey Results for 2015-2016 Year — CDC Earns Top Scores with 92% of Parents “Strongly Agreed” and 8% “Agreed” Children’s Developmental Center is Providing Quality Care to Their Child!

Our parents are asked to grade our services by responding to 4 statements. They are able to choose from “Strongly Agree”, “Agree”, “Undecided”, “Disagree” and “Strongly Disagree”.

  1. Know what teacher/therapist is working on
  2. Comfortable asking questions
  3. Provided with activities to help my child
  4. Am satisfied with progress child is making

Here are a few of the Parent comments:

  • “I can see progress and the therapists respect my son as a person”
  • “I am given tools by the therapists so I can feel like I am helping my daughters progress”
  • “I like the fact that the service is planned and designed for each child based on his needs.  I really appreciate the efficiency of the program and the diversity of activities”
  • “I look forward to therapy sessions and like hearing advice on activities and games to play in between sessions”
  • “Their personal service”
  • “That I can learn as much information.  Ways that I can play and teach my child.  To get him ready for school.  Also I’m learning how to become a better mom for my child and older child.  Learning how to work with my child behavior.  Working on my sons behavior will make him easy to get him ready for school”
  • “I love how we have seen the same therapists so they truly see their growth.  I wish you had more funding.  This is a fabulous program!”
  • “The therapists have taken the time to know and care for my children.  When I am excited about their successes, so are the therapists.  I know it’s genuine.  I am part of the team and appreciate that.”
  • “The kindness and enthusiasm which the therapist and teacher expresses.  I like the help they give my daughter, the way they work with my daughter and the progress she is making.  They help her develop and express what she wants.  I can only say thank you for all the participation and help you have given my daughter”